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A jewel that lasts is a timeless jewel 

24K gold plated handmade jewellery and accessory that we will enjoy wearing and wearing again, even years after. A jewel that you will buy in Winter and will enjoy wearing in Summer. The Louise Damas jewel, you could have stolen it to your mother yesterday, and yet, it seems that it has been made for you, today.
Produce better but less. To protect the wealth that the planet gives us, we produce each collection in a limited quantity and work with a workshop that recycles its wastewater and raw materials.
We also make all our pieces in Paris by using only clean materials to protect the ones who work in our workshops and the ones who wear our jewels.
Make choices and stick to them. Ours, it’s making jeweler’s craft at an affordable price but intransigent regarding quality. We stretch every day the limits of our creativity to make this savoir-faire accessible.

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