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Flamingo Merino Wool Beret - Wine Red
  • Brand :  Flamingo


    Handmade in Japan



    Size : With size adjustment tape (56cm~58cm) Beret diameter 27cm


    Materials : 100% Merino Wool


    Flamingo merino wool berets are produced in-house, dyed with pure underground mineral water from Mount Aso, and dried in the sun. Since it is dyed in-house, there are many beautiful color variations. The rounded beret is finished with an original mold specially designed by the brand. So, it holds a better shape, and that is why it is easy and effortless to wear. If you are someone new to wearing a beret, just put the beret on your head without thinking. You will look good and stylish at once. 


    This 100% Merino Wool Beret is made with the highest quality wool that feels great on the skin. And wool will naturally decompose in soil. So it is a sustainable hat that is friendly to both people and the environment.

    Flamingo Merino Wool Beret - Wine Red

    • Do not wash / tumble dry

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