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Louise Damas Lise Necklace
  • Brand :  Louise Damas


    Handmade in Paris



    Golden and natural pearls that match harmoniously with the mother-of-pearl, for a natural and refined alliance around your neck.


    The Lise necklace is made of pearls gilded with 24k gold combined with natural freshwater pearls. A delicious alliance of the golden and the iridescent.


    Materials : 

    The Lise necklace has been entirely handmade in Paris in our workshop.

    • It is in tin and brass, gilded with 24k gold
    • Its length is 39 cm and it is adjustable thanks to its 3 cm extension chain
    • Mother-of-pearl pearls being natural, their shape can vary from one earring to another
    • The golden pearls have been molded from real mother-of-pearl pearls, with the aim to keep the diversity of shapes that we have on them
    • All our jewels are guaranteed without lead, nickel nor cadmium
    • Finally, to protect the gilding from the time passing and to allow you to enjoy your jewels as much as possible, we plunge them all in a protective varnish bath.



    * We advise you to remove your jewellery when you are sleeping, taking a bathe or playing sports. And please avoid contact with perfumes and cosmetics to keep it shine for you.



    店主筆記 :


    如果你喜歡珍珠項鍊,卻覺得整條珍珠配在身上太多了,那你一定會喜歡 Lise 項鍊。這是一條24K包金項鍊串連著中間的珍珠作點綴。而且部分珍珠還特意用24K包金包裹著,使其增加金屬感之餘,也保留了珍珠的不規則形狀。



    穿搭建議 : 


    在這裡分享一下店主自己十分喜歡的一個穿搭方式。我會在反領或是企領的襯衫外面,配戴上Lise 項鍊。這樣就可以完美地把項鍊和自己的衣服融合在一起,還不經意地為這身打扮增加了精緻感。

    Louise Damas Lise Necklace

    • The jewel can have irregularities inherent to the handmade manufacturing mode.


      All our jewels are guaranteed without lead, nickel nor cadmium. Our materials are all sourced in Europe and don’t contain lead, nickel or cadmium, controversial allergens for their impact on health.

    • The jewels also need to take a break, put them in their case before going to bed. You’ll find them dazzling the next day, after your beauty routine.

      Don’t let them have a bath, but if they escape your attention, rub them with talc and a soft cloth to keep their radiance. Even if they’re scared of water, they can be cleaned with alcohol (rubbed, not Merlot) and a soft cloth.


      • Avoid any contact with water
      • Rub them with talc and a soft cloth
      • Put them in their case before going to bed
      • Happy jewels
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