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Louise Damas Gyptis Bangle Bracelet
  • Brand :  Louise Damas


    Handmade in Paris



    Make it dance away around your wrist : this bangle bracelet is the perfect friend to go out with your lovely ruffled sleeves and other favorite bracelets!


    Give a new shine to your wrist with our unbelievably light and beautifully textured Gyptis bangle bracelet!


    Materials : 

    It's in our Parisian workshop that the Gyptis bangle bracelet has been entirely handmade.

    • It is made of brass, gilded with 24k fine gold.
    • It measures 6cm diameter and it is adjustable.
    • The jewel may present irregularities inherent to the handcrafted method.
    • All our jewels are guaranteed without lead, nickel nor cadmium.
    • Finally, to protect the gilding from the time passing and to allow you to enjoy your jewels as much as possible, we plunge them all in a protective varnish bath.



    * We advise you to remove your jewellery when you are sleeping, taking a bathe or playing sports. And please avoid contact with perfumes and cosmetics to keep it shine for you.



    店主筆記 :


    市面上很少看見如 Gyptis 手鐲這種厚實的24K包金款式,一般金屬手鐲線條都是比較細小。Louise 設計團隊還在手鐲上雕刻了這系列特有的閃爍紋路,令這大氣的手鐲更添精緻感。





    穿搭建議 : 


    假日穿上印度裙子/寬鬆裙子時,請別忘了戴Gyptis手鐲,它們真的很配 !





    Louise Damas Gyptis Bangle Bracelet

    • The jewel can have irregularities inherent to the handmade manufacturing mode.


      All our jewels are guaranteed without lead, nickel nor cadmium. Our materials are all sourced in Europe and don’t contain lead, nickel or cadmium, controversial allergens for their impact on health.

    • The jewels also need to take a break, put them in their case before going to bed. You’ll find them dazzling the next day, after your beauty routine.

      Don’t let them have a bath, but if they escape your attention, rub them with talc and a soft cloth to keep their radiance. Even if they’re scared of water, they can be cleaned with alcohol (rubbed, not Merlot) and a soft cloth.


      • Avoid any contact with water
      • Rub them with talc and a soft cloth
      • Put them in their case before going to bed
      • Happy jewels
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